Job Title

Facilities Engineer



Reporting To

Director, Facilities & Engineering


Chantilly, VA


The Facilities Engineer is a team member overseeing the facilities operations in a Granules pharmaceutical facility. This role includes maintenance, repair and continuous improvement of HVAC, electrical, mechanical, critical utilities, and general upkeep of the facility. Planning/scheduling, contractor arrangements, successful or improving metrics, and GMP documentation of all activities are necessary aspects of this role.

  1. Manage the design, planning, construction, and maintenance of building, equipment, and other facilities.
  2. Maintaining all necessary documents as per Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards.
  3. Developing, executing, and reviewing the IQ/OQ/PQ protocol of in-process machine, equipment and utilities.
  4. Worked with pharmaceuticals manufacturing machine/equipment and performed installation, qualification and upgrades of machines as required.
  5. Troubleshoot very large-scale integrated circuit used in pharmaceuticals manufacturing equipment/machines.
  6. Assisting, coordinating and supervise equipment commissioning, installation, and validations.
  7. Performing engineering management of any electrical/facility upgrades and/or expansion.
  8. Analyzing and reacting to project estimates and facilitating capacity and process constraints.
  9. Managing costs to justify various tools equipment, processes or method improvements for cost reduction, quality improvements, innovation, safety, and improved electrical efficiency.
  10. Responsible for managing and supervising a general mechanic and an electrical engineer.
  11. Coordinate and support warehouse, production, and laboratory team on facility related issues.
  12. Maintain execute scheduled preventative maintenance and calibration.
  13. Perform all EHS related activities including personnel training on safety procedures on the production floor and overall site.
  14. Perform risk management activities such as corrective and preventive action (CAPA), failure mode effects analysis (FMEA), design failure mode effects analysis (DFMEA).
  15. Troubleshoot process and quality defects in area of responsibility.
  16. Review production, quality control and maintenance reports and statistics to plan and modify maintenance activities.
Qualifications and Experience
  1. A minimum of a Bachelor/Master's degree or foreign equivalent in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, Science, or related field.
  2. At least two years of experience in the position offered or in any position/title providing experience with working on very large-scale integrated circuits and performing installations, qualifications, and upgrades of machines.